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“The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress in spirals.”

~Madame de Stael

About Rae-Anne

Me in Blackwood ForestHi, my name is Rae-Anne. I am so happy that you have come to visit my page. I’d like to tell you about myself and what I do.

I’m a mental health educator, facilitator and coach. I live every day with passion and purpose and my greatest wish is for everybody to live their life this way too. 

I spent over 20 years working in some incredible positions in government, corporate, private and not for profit organisations and I will always be grateful for the amazing learning and opportunities that my work has provided me. I have had a truly blessed career.

However, a few years back I found I just didn’t fit in my workplace any more. I had returned from living a year in Ghana, West Africa and when I got home and back to work, my values had changed and everything I thought I knew and held true was challenged so much that I felt like a big fat square peg in a tiny little round hole.

It was time for a change. 

I have always loved finding out what makes people tick and motivating them to be their best. I am passionate about coaching and many times I had inspired and encouraged people to step out of their comfort zone and follow their dreams. The trouble was, I hadn’t done it myself yet. I wasn’t walking my talk. So, finally I decided to jump off the cliff into the unknown and see what was out there for me. I mean – what was the worse that could happen? Well fortunately for me, the best has happened and I now have my own successful coaching and training company. I have freedom and flexibility. My life is everything I have ever dreamed of. 

So, what do I do at Transpiral?

I deliver leadership and personal and professional development programs; facilitate Mental Health First Aid training, coach amazing people and host blissful women’s retreats in Bali. 

When I am not working, you will find me always with a cup of tea in hand, probably hanging out with my soul mate, reading, writing, making jewellery or planning our next trip to Bali (I go there a LOT) or Africa.

I look forward to meeting you.

Rae-Anne x :)

About Carmen Franke

Hi, my name is Carmen, welcome to Transpiral!

I have worked for more than 20 years in disability, mental health, refugee services, child protection and youth services. It is a privilege to work with people, everyone brings their own unique story and experiences. My passion is to contribute to the wellbeing of people as a facilitator, counsellor, coach or practitioner.

Being a facilitator of the Mental Health First Aid course is always a rewarding experience, every time I learn just as much as the participants. Everyone is touched by mental health and illness either directly or indirectly and therefor often people are very connected to the topics covered.

When I’m not facilitating the Mental Health First Aid course, I work for a disability organisation as a consultant, study, spend time with my kids and partner, go to the gym, catch up with friends or walk on the beach with my dogs. I also love my holidays, in Australia (which is our home since 2005), back to the Netherlands or anyplace where we can enjoy nature, people or culture.

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