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Mental Health Support, Education, Counselling + Personal Care

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Mental health support, education, counselling and personal care

Hi, my name is Rae-Anne. Welcome to Transpiral. I’d like to tell you a little about myself and what I do.

I’m a mental health educator, counsellor, NDIS support coordinator and psychosocial recovery coach. I live every day with passion and purpose and my greatest wish is for everybody to live their life this way too.

I spent over 25 years working in some incredible positions in government, corporate, private and not for profit organisations and I will always be grateful for the amazing learning and opportunities that my work provided me.

After returning from a year living in Ghana in 2011, immersing myself in my husband’s culture I felt it was time for a change. I wanted to work from the heart, make an impact and a difference to people’s lives.

I wanted to Help People Live Well. In 2012 Transpiral was born.

At Transpiral we deliver leadership and personal and professional development programs; facilitate Mental Health and Wellbeing training and provide support coordination, personal care and counselling for NDIS participants.

I am blessed to have a fabulous team of like minded people who share this work with me.

Mental Health is all we do, and we do it well. 

Our values



You are heard. Your opinions are valued. We listen not just to hear what you are saying, we listen to understand. We listen with our ears, but also with our hearts.



You have our focus. When we are with you, we are fully present to you, with no distractions, interruptions, or devices.



Empathy is our superpower. Empathy is the thread that connects us to one other and allows us to share the incredibly healing message that ‘you are not alone’.



Confidentiality is everything.



We value truth, speak with integrity, and keep our promises.



We will always do our best.



We love what we do, and we are blessed to do what we love.

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