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Are you looking for inspiration and guidance to help you or your team step into living a life of passion and purpose? 
We specialise in creating unique training and coaching solutions that motivate, inspire and provide momentum for growth and change.

Hi, my name is Rae-Anne. I am so happy that you have come to visit my page. I’d like to tell you about myself and what I do.

I’m a mental health educator, facilitator and coach. I live every day with passion and purpose and my greatest wish is for everybody to live their life this way too. 

I spent over 20 years working in some incredible positions in government, corporate, private and not for profit organisations and I will always be grateful for the amazing learning and opportunities that my work has provided me.

Now, I deliver leadership and personal and professional development programs; facilitate Mental Health First Aid training, coach amazing people and host blissful women’s retreats in Bali. 

Me in Blackwood Forest

Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs

We specialise in creating unique training and coaching solutions that motivate, inspire and provide momentum for growth and change.

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The day was very informative with time for self-reflection and exercises to apply the knowledge to case work. I highly recommend financial counsellors and other case workers to attend the training. Rae-Anne’s presentation style was inclusive and participatory and I felt engaged and interested throughout the 2 days.

Workshop Participant

One on One Coaching

Do you hit the snooze button over and over when you wake in the morning because you feel so unsatisfied, uninspired, lacking in purpose and direction and it just feels like it’s the same shit, different day?

I’m going to help you uncover what it is that makes you tick and inspire you to be your best and share it with the world. We will clear whatever is holding you back!!!

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Speaking Engagements

Do you need an inspirational speaker? Book me as a speaker for your next event. I love inspiring people to live their best life and speak on topics related to mental health and wellbeing, self-care, leadership, mindfulness, positive psychology and more.

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