Our Team

Managing Director


Rae-Anne Holloway

Hi, my name is Rae-Anne. I am an engaging, passionate and experienced facilitator, manager, counsellor, NDIS support coordinator, psychosocial recovery coach and published author with over 25 years experience in leadership development, change management and developing and delivering training within government, social and community services.

I have qualifications in mental health, positive psychology, training and management, and I am well known for my ability to share complex concepts, using storytelling, narrative and personal experiences in ways that my audiences relate to and enjoy.

I am a Principal Master Instructor of Mental Health First Aid and deliver mental health and wellbeing training programs Australia wide and internationally for private, government and not for profit organisations.

I am also a Nationally Accredited Mediator, registered with the Mediator Standards Board of Australia. I enjoy helping parties communicate more effectively, understand each other’s viewpoints, and work together to find solutions.

My clients include Australian Red Cross, Crown Solicitors Office, Department for Child Protection, BT Wealth, Westpac, Office of Premier and Cabinet SA, Salvation Army, Anglicare, Stamford Hotels, Fair Work Ombudsman, Attorney Generals Department, Return to Work SA, GP Axis, Rostrevor College, My Budget, Relationships Australia, Uniting Care Wesley, St John Ambulance S.A., The Australian Institute of Family Studies and many more.

Administration Team

About Jenaya

Jenaya Rowe

People and Finance

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, I decided to do my Business Degree in Australia and never left! Over 18 years later and I still call Australia home. I am currently finishing a lap of this amazing country while living in my van. working remotely and travelling around Australia for almost two years has been such a wonderful adventure.

I am passionate about working with a company and team that are making a difference in the world, and have enjoyed my time working with Transpiral Wellbeing greatly. From support work to payroll, I know it all is important in keeping this awesome team functioning at its best to ensure quality support for our participants.


Leanne Forrester

Office Administration

Hi, my name is Leanne and I work for Transpiral Wellbeing as an Administration Officer. I have worked in administration for over 20 years.

I was born and raised in Adelaide and when I’m not working I love walking at the beach with my little dog, or just being out in nature.

Support Coordinator


Raelene Linden

NDIS Operations/Support Coordinator

My name is Raelene Linden and I am responsible for NDIS Operations and Support Coordination at Transpiral Wellbeing.

I have lived experience of mental illness having lived with two siblings with severe and chronic mental health conditions, which has given me a deep understanding and regard for people in this space.

I hold qualifications in Developmental Education, Training and a Bachelor of Arts. I am currently studying my Masters of Counselling.

I have a collaborative approach to working as a Support Coordinator and getting to know what your unique needs are to get the most out of your NDIS plan.

My own journey through cancer has made me passionate about positive psychology, mindfulness and healthy eating to build resilience and wellbeing.

I hold people that I work with in high regard. I also have a cheeky sense of humour and found sharing a laugh can help get through challenging times.

Support Workers



Senior Team Leader

Hi, my name is Shanton. I am a kind, compassionate person with a genuine desire to help. My focus is always a person centred approach and I am passionate about facilitating independence as much as possible, within the capacity of my clients.

I have been working as a diversional therapist in a high-needs memory support unit for 12 years. I feel privileged to work in a place where I am able to personally make a difference in my clients lives. To see my clients engaged, happy and maintaining their sense of purpose is of utmost importance to me.

I have also been working as a personal support worker with NDIS participants with complex mental health needs for many years. I really enjoy spending time with participants, supporting them to achieve their goals and live their lives well.



Hi, my name is Leah. I work for Transpiral as a support worker, having the opportunity and joy to meet and support all sorts of amazing and unique people. I’m Adelaide born and raised, having initially studied music at the elder Conservatorium, and spent 10 years in music education.

I have an extensive background in aged care, specialising in memory support, and have cared for many aged care residents over the years with complex mental health needs.

In my own life, I have personal experience of supporting several close family members through the process of diagnosis and ongoing support for mental health and psycho- social needs. I have seen first hand the negative outcomes that insufficient resources and support contribute to.

In my spare time I enjoy bike riding, hiking, and spend many, many hours trackside watching my husband and youngest daughter race BMX!

I am passionate about people being provided with appropriate and adequate support to live their lives to the full, and consider it an immense privilege to be a part of that process.



My name is Megan, I am 47 years old. I love art, water sports, the beach and bush walking in the Adelaide Hills. I have a cat called Ruby who I adore.

I am a mother of two adult children who live out of home. I love going to the gym, eating great food, listening to music, and reading.

Working in disability has been a big part of my life as I love to help others and make them feel happy and safe. I have worked with participants with a range of physical disabilities and complex mental health issues.

I have worked long term with most of my participants. I am passionate, caring, reliable and trustworthy.

About Sanusi


My name is Sanusi. I am an experienced support worker with many years of working with people of all ages. I have worked with people with complex mental health issues, dementia, autism, cerebral palsy, and have worked in Aboriginal Community mental health. I have many qualifications as well as Mental Health First aid, and all the necessary NDIS checks and clearances.

I love the outdoors and creating activities to make participant’s days enjoyable, whether it’s to the beach or a walk through the rainforest, or a kayak and fishing. I don’t mind being inside either, doing puzzles, watching movies, cooking and baking or playing computer games. I really enjoy taking participants to appointments and outings.

I am animal lover, enjoy gardening and music, I am approachable, easy to get along with, and very passionate about helping others live their best lives and achieve their goals.



My name is Amanda. I am originally from Lincolnshire in England and moved to Adelaide in 2009 and raised my (now adult) kids here.

I began working as a support worker in 2001 whilst still in England, before continuing in the field in Australia.

Over the many years of working in aged care and disability, I have gained considerable experience in most areas of the caring industry. I currently work both in a memory support unit in an aged care facility and with NDIS participants with complex mental health needs for Transpiral Wellbeing. I am also medication credentialled. My plan is to move exclusively into working with NDIS participants.

I love getting to know new people and being able to work alongside them to figure the best ways to promote independence whilst offering support as needed.



My name is Angel. I’m a 44-year-old Aussie with a Canadian accent as I spent some time there.

I’m looking for purpose and a way to give back. I’ve been volunteering with community organisations for a few years now and I’m now getting out there in the disability community as well.

I have been a support worker on Mable for over two years now, helping many clients and making new friends along the way. I am currently working on my Cert IV Disability, and I have my NDIS clearances and a certificate in Mental Health First Aid.

I have a big family that I like hanging out with when I’m not doing face painting for kids on the weekends. I also love Yoga, art and music. (you will catch me singing around the house sometimes) 🙂

I’m reliable, passionate, trustworthy and I greatly enjoy my job.



My name is Phil. I have had personal experience with people who have had to contend with mental health issues. This has increased my level of understanding and empathy for the struggles that some people may be going through.

As a support worker, I understand it is important to allow each person to retain as much autonomy as possible. It is my role to listen to and respect the needs of each person, and to assist where and when it is required (and to share some enjoyment along the way!).

Prior to becoming a mental health support worker, I was involved as a facilitator in a music mental health program called the ‘Jam the Mix the Gig’, aka ‘JMG’ This program brought people from various backgrounds together to play music and socialise. It was a very successful program, and a rewarding role for me. We had some good times and there was a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

Music is a big part of my life. I have been involved in the local music scene, playing in bands and as a Sound/AV Tech for many years. I have a Certificate III in Community Services, and I am accredited in Mental Health First Aid. I enjoy driving, going for walks, having a coffee and a chat, watching movies and general socialising with good company.



Hi, my name is Michelle. I am a versatile and compassionate professional who loves making connections with people from diverse backgrounds. Over the years, I have worn many hats, navigating roles in hospitality, graphic design, styling, face painting and visual arts.

I am a dedicated visual artist, deeply enthusiastic about the transformative potential of art. My passion extends to blending breath work, meditation, and ritual within my artistic practice.

Excitedly I am about to embark on my journey towards a Masters of Therapeutic Arts, underscoring my commitment to holistic well-being. I find fulfillment in my role at Transpiral Wellbeing, bridging my connection with the community while pursuing mydream of becoming an art therapist.

At home, I share my life with my husband and two children in Panorama.

About Keegan


My name is Keegan. I am an experienced and motivated Social Worker passionate about mental health and community-building.

Working in the community for 20 years, I have case-managed and supported people experiencing homelessness, incarceration, disability, mental health challenges and refugee status.

Using a human rights based, trauma informed and strengths framework, I aim to support each person to overcome their challenges and reach their goals.

In my spare time I enjoy yoga, piano, the arts and getting lost in a book.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coach Rea-Anne


With qualifications in mental health, positive psychology, training and management, along with extensive lived experience, Rae-Anne is well known for her ability to share complex concepts, using storytelling, narrative and personal experiences.

Rae-Anne published her book “Have you been outside today?” to share simple yet effective ways people can manage on difficult days, and importantly to help others realise they are not alone.

Rae-Anne’s passionate, down to earth, straight forward and sensitive approach is appreciated by clients who feel empowered to achieve their desired goals and outcomes.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about working with Rae-Anne.



Hi my name is Lexi!

I work at Transpiral Wellbeing as a support coordinator/psychosocial recovery coach. I am studying a double degree Bachelor of Psychology/Human Movement Exercise Sport Science.

I have a strong passion for health, wellbeing and helping others. This began in a physical sense as a qualified personal trainer, and it has grown into wanting to help people in both a physical and mental capacity.

I live with a traumatic brain injury which means I have had to overcome, grow, and adapt to a plethora of personal and lifestyle changes that were out of my control, ranging from minor to dramatic and traumatic. I have seen and experienced what the mind and body can go through and overcome. While I am still on a continuous journey of recovery, mentally and physically, I have a dream to use my story and knowledge as a guide to mentor, inspire and support others.

I am a confident, bubbly and outgoing person. I am a horse lover with four horses of my own and I enjoy camping, hiking, reading a good book and going to the gym. I am authentic, open minded and a good listener.



Dianne Pepicelli

Hi, my name is Dianne and I am a Principal Master Mental Health First Aid instructor and a highly experienced trainer and assessor who delivers both accredited and non-accredited training in a unique, stimulative and participative way.

My approach results in very high levels of attendance, engagement and completion rates along with excellent feedback and outcomes. I develop and maintain an authentic connection and relationship with my participants.

After years of experience working in my own businesses and for others, I now specialise in developing & delivering training to corporate & community groups.

My passion is to open up pathways for people to reach their goals by teaching them both physical and psychological skills that enables them to appreciate their strengths and gain confidence in their abilities as well as giving them strategies to navigate the world of life and work.

My qualifications in Mental Health First Aid, counselling, retail, leadership and management along with my experience in mentoring and training diverse groups means I am able to develop and deliver programs that include accredited and non accredited training that exactly meet my clients needs.


Carmen Franke

Hi, my name is Carmen, welcome to Transpiral!

I have worked for more than 20 years in disability, mental health, refugee services, child protection and youth services. It is a privilege to work with people, everyone brings their own unique story and experiences.

My passion is to contribute to the wellbeing of people as a facilitator, counsellor, coach or practitioner.

Being a facilitator of the Mental Health First Aid course is always a rewarding experience, every time I learn just as much as the participants. Everyone is touched by mental health and illness either directly or indirectly and therefore often people are very connected to the topics covered.

When I’m not facilitating the Mental Health First Aid course, I work for a disability organisation as a consultant, study, spend time with my kids and partner, go to the gym, catch up with friends or walk on the beach with my dogs.

I also love my holidays, in Australia (which is our home since 2005), back to the Netherlands or anyplace where we can enjoy nature, people or culture.