Living a Flourishing Life

Conquer Your Stress

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and like there are never enough hours in the day? You may be experiencing the physical, emotional and mental signs of stress overload.

Stress can cause and/or exacerbate just about any health condition you can think of. Studies have found many health problems related to stress. Stress seems to worsen or increase the risk of conditions like obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems asthma and many more.

So what can you do about it?

Imagine an afternoon just for YOU, for your mind, body and spirit. Imagine allowing yourself to be pampered, indulged and all of your senses to be fed. Imagine walking away with tools, information and confidence to fill your cup – every single day.

Course Content

In this information packed, interactive and fun workshop you will:

  • Learn how to recognise and identify signs of stress and overwhelm in yourself and others.
  • Learn evidence-based, self-care strategies for managing stress and how to implement them into your daily life.
  • Be introduced to and practice evidence based positive psychology approaches for living a healthy, balanced and happy life.
  • Develop a self-care plan and a commitment to action.
  • Receive a beautiful 15 massage from Carolyn Wilkins of RASA Massage
  • Take home a lovely self care and self love kit
  • End with a beautiful sound healing session
  • Decompress, have fun and enjoy a nurturing and inspirational day of self love and self-care.

Your Facilitator

Rae-Anne is a highly sought after and well respected inspirational speaker, author, coach and mental health educator who is passionate about self-care.

Rae-Anne’s workshops are delivered with compassion, humour, passion and knowledge and this combination, along with her no nonsense approach will have you inspired to make sustainable change in your life.

Take some time out just for you to fill your cup – you deserve it!