Have you been outside today? Journal for keeping the funky days at bay.


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Welcome to your new journal

This is your place to help you keep the funky days at bay.

I was going to put a whole lot of writing prompts and suggestions on every page, which I know can be helpful. Sometimes, however I find daily prompts to be overwhelming on those days I just feel like doodling or scribbling and because of this, I have a bunch of beautiful yet incomplete journals on my bookshelf as the daily prompts rarely matched my mood and I eventually stopped using them.

For that reason, I have put some suggestions in the front of this journal, so you can decide if and when you would like to use them.

I invite you to use your journal to write, doodle, scribble, imagine, play, dream, create, plan, plot, scheme, reminisce, colour in or whatever you feel like doing in here. I find getting my thoughts and occasionally random doodles, scribbles and words on paper to be a very cathartic, powerful healing process.

You might like to buy some special pens and textas, find somewhere quiet to sit with a piping hot cup of tea and let it all out.

It’s your safe place.


Big love

Rae-Anne xx


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